Everything You Need to Know About Toys to Help Baby Walk

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If you are looking for toys to help baby walk, you are at the right place to find the best suitable options.

Watching your baby stand upright and take the first step is an auspicious once in a lifetime event. In general, toddlers learn to walk during the phase of cognitive development.

You will see them putting great efforts to stand upright by grabbing anything that comes in the way- a tool, chair, couch, and so on. However, during this period, they are prone to frequent slips and falls hurt when they come across sharp objects, etc.

Why not give them the joy of mobility? It’s simple. A walking toy is a perfect solution for your child.

Thankfully there are so many wonderful toys to help baby walk safely as they enjoy learning to take the steps.

Nowadays, there are so many push toys on the market. Finding the best suit is a tough chore for the parents, especially when the safety of the child is the key concern. To ease your dilemma, herein is a quick guide on how to make your baby walk with some product recommendations in case you are in a hurry.

What toys help baby walk? 

The baby walker is not a modern tool to help your kid take the first step. They have been in use since the 15th century. However, there are several concerns associated with these toddlers’ favorite equipment. Over 2000 children are admitted to the hospital with serious walking toy-related injuries in the US.

Fortunately, modern toys are much advanced and can provide wonderful results. From toys to help baby crawl, there is a device for mobility during various phases of development.

Things to consider when choosing a walking toy for kids

Whether you are looking to buy a premium baby walker like busy baby deluxe walker online or from a local shop, herein are some aspects to watch out for:

Appropriate Age 

Not all toys are equal. Each of them is designed for children in a specific age group. Check the age group for which the particular model is made. For instance, the cossy wooden baby walker is a great gift for children in the age group of 12-18 months.


The height of the walker should not be too high or low for the kid. If he cannot take control of the equipment with hands, it can tip over easily.


The weight and sturdiness of the push walker toy are important. It cannot be a lightweight model that bends easily. The child may fall when he tries to pull himself up. This is why wooden walking toys are preferable to choose over cheap plastic walkers.


The mobility support for kids should have a great balance so that the child can rely on it to pull up. This is especially present in sit and stand toys.


If your child is not comfortable walking with the push toy or feels irritated while seated on a walker, it can be an annoying experience. This can eventually reduce the desire to walk with the toy.


From fall and tip over concerns to injuries, there are several concerns when choosing a walker toy. Check the toy carefully to see if there are sharp edges or pointed parts that may be painful for the little one when using.


Brakes are present in some selective models only. When you see the child is approaching a danger zone, using the brakes to stop the gear can help. Alternatively, you can look for walkers with wheel speed adjustment. Set a lower speed to allow your child to put in some efforts to move the walker.


Check the wheel material and resistance when using it on the floor. With greater resistance, the toy moves at a slower speed. It will protect your baby from falling. If you do not have carpet, look for the best baby walker for hardwood floors.

Integrated Features

Less is never more for your cute little angel. If budget is not an issue, consider choosing models with a lot of entertainment, learning elements, etc.

Best walking toys for infants

Don’t have time to research the best toys to make your toddler walk? Our hot pick is VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. This interactive toy is colorful and full of fun to play with. Kids of all age groups love to explore the elements on the activity panel- learn about alphabets, vehicles, shape sorter, and more with sound and light effects. They can walk along as and when desired. This toy is a one time investment for kids in the age group of 9 months to 3 years.

1. Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

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Simple and clutter-free design, this walking animal toy is one of the best cruising solutions for kids aged 12 months or older. This push toy is one of the best support for your kid to lift from the tummy and acquire cognitive skills.

This wooden push walker is on the top position in several expert reviews for promoting bilateral hands-eye coordination in growing kids. Give your infant a screen-free watching experience as he learns to recognize different wild-life creatures.

As against battery-operated lights and sound systems in many walking toys, this push toy makes a natural noise as the alligators clatter when your child is moving.

Engage your child in hands-on playful alongside the joy of walking.

2. Joovy Spoon Walker

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Safety is the key concern not only for parents but also for this wonderful comfy walker manufacturers. This is yet again another multi-purpose toy designed for kids up to 30 lbs learning to cruise around.

On a safe walking zone far from the stairs, this walker can keep your child busy walking without the concerns of tipping or falling issues. It is a JMPA safety tested and certified product so no toxic material, falling, or breaking issues.

You do not need to take a break for small meals, you can use the large washable tray to feed your baby right on the walker. Once the baby can sit on her own, this toy is compatible to help take the first step

3. Vtech Pop-a-Balls Push & Pop Bulldozer

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Not only a walking tool for kids of over 12 months to 5 years of age, but this is also a fun gaming accessory to engage them. From colorful buttons to pop and collect ball games, this toy is also a learning tool for the growing baby. It is a narrow toy that allows your child to balance the steps while walking. Integrated with sound, music, and lights, there is a lot of entertainment to explore for every child.


Toddler with wooden push walker

As parents, there may be several queries in the mind regarding toys to help baby stand and walk. The following are the most frequently asked questions by parents to pediatricians about walking the baby.

When Should I expect my baby to start standing? 

All babies are different and so is the physical and mental development in them. Some development is required to ensure they are able to start standing up holding things around. According to the milestones chart of Denver II Developmental Assessment, you can expect your child to:

  • Start standing by the age of 6½ -8½ months- by holding things around
  • Ready for the pull to the standing position by the age of 8-10 months
  • Remain standing for 2 seconds at the age of 9-11½ months
  • Stand independently without assistance by the age of 12-14 months

Why standing and walking is so important?

It may seem like a normal phenomenon in a child when he starts standing and then walking. But, an infant actually hits the gross motor developmental milestones during this phase of life.

Some eminent factors influence the child’s ability to start standing, stand without support, and walk:

  • Postural Control involves involuntary sensory, motor, and complemented developmental changes in the body that enables the child to lift the head and gradually stand upright against gravity.
  • Bear the bodyweight on the legs especially feet
  • Attain muscle strength, toning, and the ability to employ the large muscles of the body to perform the motor functions.

If your child can stand without support, walk or run, it means he is developing the gross motor skills which are vital for proper growth and muscle functioning.

Why Use Push Toys?

Push toys are not only fun and playful for the kids but also of great importance in their growth and learning to walk. According to pediatricians, The child needs to be able to see his feet when walking. It stimulates the urge to walk which is very crucial for the overall development during this growth phase.

Some benefits to expect when the babies are walking with a push toy:

  • Motivates the child to walk naturally
  • Promotes natural development of the muscles
  • They help the child to acquire gross motor skills for greater confidence, strength, and balance
  • A good option to engage the kids while they play with built-in games (available in some highly expensive models)

Are push walkers safe for babies?

There are several risks associated with push walking toys. The major cause of concern is slips and falls if the wheels rotate too fast. A baby learning to walk in the initial stage may not be able to maintain the pace with wheel speed. Using these walking toys without any supervision may cause accidents and serious injuries. They involve potential risks such as:

  • The child may reach dangerous places (maybe difficult to reach otherwise)
  • tripping and falling over
  • Roll down from the stairs

While these are some serious concerns, using a heavyweight wooden push walker with non-toxic paint safe for the babies is a wise decision. For greater safety, control the child’s movement when he is using the walking toy.

When do babies walk with a push toy?

Push toys are a great joyful walking tool for babies who are already walking as well those trying to stand with support. Some brands have come a long way to incorporate interesting games on these toys. The toddlers can even play with such toys even while sitting on the floor.

Ideally, kids can stand with the help of support anywhere from 7-9 months. If they are playing with a baby push toy before even standing, they are likely to consider it as an aid for cruising around the room very soon.

How to choose the best toy to help baby stand and walk?

Choosing the right model from the vast range of toys that help baby walk can be overwhelming. Herein are some easy tips to narrow down the list and get the best fit for your infant:

  • Consider the age of your child- these toys are specifically designed for children in various age groups to suit their standing, playing, and cruising needs.
  • Read product reviews- these product reviews are specifically written with due consideration to the recommendation of the experts and buyers’ experience to ensure greater child safety.
  • Compare different models, features, and prices
  • Consult a pediatrician
  • Ask a friend or neighbor who has recently purchased a walking toy

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